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Research is subdivided into major projects on Geomechanics (Rock Physics and Rock Mechanics) and the Integrated Geologic Framework (Geology, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Paleo-climatology, Geochemistry). These projects and their subtasks are deliverables from this research program and have a broad, consistent geologic framework.

Geomechanics Integrated Geological Framework
As the integrating tool to understand the spatial distribution and heterogeneity of oil shale properties, the detailed stratigraphic model is critical to integration of the rock physics measurements as the guide to seismic evaluation of oil shale in three or four dimensions. Likewise, the fracture network developed in a block of oil shale during in-situ conversion will be dictated by the stratigraphic variations of the section being converted.

The primary deliverables to COSTAR members for each task will be databases, reports, oral presentations, and field visits for relevant research tasks. Participants will also present relevant results at COSTAR annual technical review meeting, at other technical meetings, including the Oil Shale Symposium, and in publications as agreed upon by sponsors.
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