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31st Annual Oil Shale Symposium

Table of Contents

Monday Afternoon, October 17, 2011
Session 1: Welcoming Plenary Session 2: Shale Resources Plenary
Tuesday Morning, October 18, 2011
Session 3: Resource Evaluation 1
Session 4: Mineralogy
Session 5: Green River Formation: Geology & Stratigraphy
Session 6: Oil Shale Processes

Tuesday Afternoon, October 18, 2011

Session 7: U.S. Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D) Updates
Session 8: Resource Evaluation 2
Session 9: Groundwater Control & Management
Session 10: Chemistry
Wednesday Morning, October 19, 2011
Session 11: In Situ Processing
Session 12: Environmental Research
Session 13: Surface Processing
Session 14: Pyrolysis
Wednesday Afternoon, October 19, 2011
Session 15: International Updates
Session 16: Modeling
Session 17: Wrap-up Plenary - U.S. and World Oil Shale Development
Session 18: Poster Session, October 17-19, 2011
Session 19: Workshop, October 20, 2011
Index of Authors


Monday, October 17, 2011

Session 1: Welcoming Plenary

Chairs: Terence Parker, Colorado School of Mines; Jeremy Boak, COSTAR

1.1 Welcome and introductions

Jerry Boak, Co-Chair, 31th Oil Shale Symposium

Abstract    Paper     Presentation
1.2 Welcome to the Colorado School of Mines

Terence E. Parker, Provost, Colorado School of Mines

Abstract    Paper     Presentation
1.3 Utah Oil Shale: A Path Towards Energy Independence

Greg Bell, Lieutenant Governor, State of Utah

Abstract    Paper     Presentation
1.4 Status and plans for the U. S. Department of Interior program for develop-ment of oil shale and oil sands

Mitchell Leverette; U. S. Bureau of Land Management

Abstract    Paper     Presentation
1.5 2011: A milestone year in progressing the shale to liquids industry in Australia

Pearce Bowman, QER Pty Limited

Abstract    Paper     Presentation
1.6 Responsible development of oil shale

Glenn Vawter, National Oil Shale Association

Abstract    Paper     Presentation
1.7 Overview: American Petroleum Institute Oil Shale Subcommittee activities toward realizing goals and objectives of Section 369 of the 2005 Energy Policy Act

Holly Hopkins, American Petroleum Institute

Abstract    Paper     Presentation

Session 2: Shale Resources Plenary

Chairs: Dan Jarvie, Worldwide Geochemistry, LLC; Justin Birdwell, U.S. Geological Survey

2.1 Unconventional shale gas and oil resource systems

Daniel Jarvie; Worldwide Geochemistry, LLC

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
2.2 The Shale Spectrum: Potential for interdisciplinary shared understanding among oil shale, oil-bearing shale and gas shale plays

Jeremy Boak, J. Frederick Sarg, Stephen A. Sonnenberg; Colorado School of Mines

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
2.3 Technical and environmental aspects of oil shale assessment for western U.S. deposits

Justin Birdwell; U.S. Geological Survey

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
2.4 Core-log integration for advanced evaluation of oil shale formations: Green River case study

Stacy Lynn Reeder1,Michael Herron1, Robert Kleinberg1, Malka Machlus1, Nikita Seleznev1, Badarinadh Vissapragada1, Alan Burnham2, Pierre Allix3;

1Schlumberger, 2American Shale Oil LLC, 3TOTAL S.A.

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Session 3: Resource Evaluation 1

Chairs: Ronald Johnson, U.S. Geological Survey; Shuwang Chen, Chinese Geological Survey

3.1 Assessment of in-place oil shale resources in the Eocene Green River Formation, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah

Ronald Johnson, Tracey J. Mercier, Michael E. Brownfield; USGS

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
3.2 Characterization of Jordan's in situ oil shale resource

Richard Terres, Sadat Kolonic, Simon Neal; Jordan Oil Shale Co.

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
3.3 On the potential strata of oil shale in northeastern China

Shuwang Chen, Haiping Shan, Jian Zhang; China Geological Survey

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
3.4 Oil shale prospective development methods

Sergei Sabanov; SRK Consulting, UK

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 4: Mineralogy

Chairs: William Meurer, ExxonMobil Upstream Res. Co.; Michael Lewan, U.S. Geological Survey

4.1 Dawsonite breakdown reactions during pyrolysis in Green River Formation oil shales

Jeremy Boak1, Justin Birdwell2;

1Colorado School of Mines, 2USGS

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
4.2 Quantitative mineralogy of the Green River Formation, Piceance Basin, Western Colorado

Sheven Poole, Jeremy Boak, Kati Tanavasuu-Milkeviciene, Jufang Feng;Colorado School of Mines

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
4.3 Characterization of USGS Core Repository oil shale core drilled near the ExxonMobil proposed RD&D lease

William P. Meurer, Jesse Yeakel, Scott A. Maxwell; ExxonMobil Upstream

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
4.4 Mineralogical changes in Green River Formation oil shale following pyrolysis

Justin Birdwell, Michael Lewan; U.S. Geological Survey

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 5: Green River Formation: Geology & Stratigraphy

Chairs: J. Frederick Sarg, Colorado School of Mines; Michael Vanden Berg, Utah Geological Survey

5.1 Not all rich zones are created equal: Geologic characterization of the Green River Formation in the Uinta Basin, Utah from core description including the new Skyline 16 core

Michael Vanden Berg1, Lauren Birgenheier2;

1Utah Geological Survey, 2University of Utah

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
5.2 Mineralogy and organic petrography of the lower transitional part of the Green River Formation oil shale, Piceance Basin, Colorado

John Dyni; U.S. Geological Survey

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
5.3 Early diagenetic controls affecting the inorganic composition of oil shale from the upper Green River Fm. (Mahogany Oil Shale Zone — Uinta Fm. boundary), Uinta Basin, Utah

Dave Keighley; University of New Brunswick, Canada

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
5.4 Climate history, lake evolution, and predicting organic richness of the Green River Formation, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

J. Frederick Sarg, Kati Tanavsuu-Milkeviciene, JuFang Feng, Suriamin Huang; Colorado School of Mines

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 6: Oil Shale Processes

Chairs: Michele Thomas, ExxonMobil Upstream Res. Co.; Ian Henderson, QER Pty Ltd, Australia

6.1 Preliminary evaluation of Jordanian oil shale upgrading by froth flotation

Salah Al-Thyabat Eid Abd-Alrazag, Mohammad Abu-Allan Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
6.2 Novel process for shale oil upgrading without using hydrogen

John Gordon, Mukund Karanjikar, Javier Alvare, Dennis Larsen Ceramatec Inc, USA

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
6.3 An evaluation of porosity and permeability changes in oil shale due to thermal stresses

Jacob Bauman1, Ravindra Bhide2,1, Milind Deo1;

1University of Utah, 2Energy & Geoscience Institute

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
6.4 Solvation variability of Jordanian oil shale

Feras Fraige, Hani Alnawafleh, Laila Al-Khatib, Mohammad Dweirj; Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Session 7: U.S. Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D) Updates

Chairs: Harry Posey, Shell International Exploration & Production; Pierre Allix, TOTAL S.A., France

7.1 Status report and direction of Chevron's RD&D pilot oil shale project, Piceance Basin, Colorado

Gregory Minnery, Mark Looney, Eric Flodin, Douglas McCarty, Chris Skelt, Marcus Wigand, James Koffer, Julie Justus; Chevron USA, USA

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
7.2 Enefit American Oil

Rikki Hrenko; Enefit American Oil

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
7.3 Progress on Shell's RD&D Pilot Project

Pat Janicek, Harry Posey; Shell International Exploration & Production

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
7.4 Pilot test of AMSO's CCRTM in-situ oil shale process

Roger Day1, Alan Burnham1, John Foulkes3, James McConaghy2, Leonard Switzer III1, Pierre Allix4;

1American Shale Oil LLC, 2Antero Engineering LLC, 3TOTAL S.A., USA, 4TOTAL S.A., France

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 8: Resource Evaluation 2

Chairs: Sergei Sabanov, SRK Consulting, UK; Paul Morgan, Colorado Geological Survey

8.1 Adapting wind energy for shale oil recovery

Jack Bridges, Armin Hassanzadeh; Pyrophase Inc, USA

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
8.2 Characteristics of oil shale bearing basins and metallogenic regularity in Dunmi Fault Belt in Northeast China

Qingtao Meng, Zhaojun Liu, Qingshui Dong, Rong Liu, Fei Hu, Pingchang Sun, Xiaofeng Hu; Jilin University, China

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
8.3 Temperatures and potential geothermal resources in the Piceance Basin, Colorado

Paul Morgan; Colorado Geological Survey

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 9: Groundwater Control & Management

Chairs: Earl Mattson, Idaho National Laboratory; Sepehr Arbabi, Shell International E&P Inc.

9.1 Chemically based permeability modifiers for groundwater diversion around in-situ oil shale retorts

Hao Zhang1, Earl Mattson2, Carl Palmer2;

1University of Missouri-Rolla, 2Idaho National Laboratory

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
9.2 In-situ emplacement of permanent barriers in earth formations

Armin Hassanzadeh, Jack Bridges; Pyrophase Inc, USA

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
9.3 Shell's Colorado oil shale freeze wall test

Wolfgang Deeg, Sepehr Arbabi, Larry Crump, Ming Lin Shell International E&P Inc., USA

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
9.4 Subsurface Reclamation for an ICP Oil Shale Project

Erik Hansen1, Michael Day2, John Hardaway3, Gregory Monson4;

1Shell International Exploration & Production, Inc., 2Norwest Corp., 3Independent Consultant, 4Shell Exploration & Production Co

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 10: Chemistry

Chairs: Ronald Pugmire, University of Utah; Robert Kleinberg, Schlumberger-Doll Research

10.1 Comparison of Green River Formation shale oils by Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry

Jang Mi Jin1, Sunghwan Kim1,Justin Birdwell2, Michael Lewan2;

1Kyungpook National University, Department of Chemistry, Korea, 2USGS

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
10.2 Structural characterization of segments of a Green River Formation oil shale core and the kerogen isolated from those segments

Anita Orendt1, Lauren Birgenheier1, Ronald Pugmire1, Julio Facelli1, Soenke Seifert2, Randall Winans2;

1University of Utah, 2Advanced Photon Source, ANL

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
10.3 Comparison of the ease of extraction and chemical structure of oils from Jordanian and U. S. oil shale and an algal coal, torbanitee

W. Roy Jackson1, Alan L. Chaffee1, Marc Marshall1, Yi Fei1, Mohammad W. Amer1, Peter J. Cassidy2;

1Monash University, Australia, 2The Sentient Group, Australia

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
10.4 Atomistic modeling of oil shale kerogen and asphaltene

Julio Facelli, Anita Orendt, Ian Pimienta, Shyam Badu, Ronald Pugmire University of Utah

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Wednesday, Ocotebr19, 2011

Session 11: In Situ Processing

Chairs: William Symington, ExxonMobil Upstream Res. Co.; Greg Minnery, Chevron USA, TX

11.1 Chevron's plans for rubblization of Green River Formation oil shale (GROS) for chemical conversion

Mark Looney, Robert Polzer, Keita Yoshioka, Greg Minnery; Chevron

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
11.2 Recovery of liquid hydrocarbons from oil shale using supercritical CO2

Sandra Riley, Sean McGrady, Laura Romero-Zeron, David Keighley, Adrian Park; University of New Brunswick, Canada

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
11.3 Plan to test an in situ planar heater on a proposed RD&D Lease

Paul Tanaka1, Jesse Yeakel1, William Symington1, William Meurer1, P Matthew Spiecker1, Mark Del Pico1, Michele Thomas1, Keith Sullivan2, Matt Stone3;

1ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, 2ExxonMobil Explora¬tion Company, 3ExxonMobil Development Company

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
11.4 In-situ thermal upgrading of bitumen and shale oil by radio frequency (RF) electrical heating

Richard Snow; PyroPhase Inc, USA

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 12: Environmental Research

Chairs: Carl Palmer, Idaho National Laboratory; Indrek Aarna, Enefit, Estonia

12.1 Geochemical evolution of Piceance Basin groundwater during heating

Carl Palmer, Jessica Little, Earl Mattson; Idaho National Laboratory

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
12.2 Geospatial infrastructure for water resource assessment in support of oil shale development in the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

Wendy Zhou1, Matthew Minnick1, Mengistu Geza1, Elif Acikalin1, Jordan Garrett1,   Kyle Murray2, Tuan B Le2;

1CSM, 2Univ. of Texas at San Antonio

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
12.3 Options for sulfur dioxide removal using oil shale waste and natural ma-terials: An experimental study

Mohammad Al-Harahsheh1, Marwan Batiha1, Khalid Al-Tarawneh1, Adnan Al-Harahsheh2, Reyad Al-Shawabkah3, Muhannad Hararah1 1Al-Hussein Bin Talal Univ., Jordan, 2Mutah Univ., Jordan, 3King Fahd Univ. for Petroleum and Materials, Saudi Arabia

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
12.4 Life cycle carbon intensity, water use and EROI of upgraded shale oil products using the Enefit280 technology

Indrek Aarna; Enefit, Estonia

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 13: Surface Processing

Chairs: Andreas Orth, Outotec GmbH, Germany; Gordon Taciuk, UMATAC Industrial Processes Inc.

13.1 Demonstration and commercial design of the Clean Oil Shale Surface Process

L. Douglas Smoot, Kent Hatfield, Ambar Ochoa; Combustion Resources, Inc., USA

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
13.2 From R&D to commercial plant - Scale-up challenges of the ATP technology

Steven Odut1, Markus Mohr2;

1UMATAC Industrial Processes Inc., Canada, 2ThyssenKrupp Polysius AG, Germany

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
13.3 Elements of process design and progress on commissioning the QER Technology Demonstration Plant in Australia

Ian Henderson; Queensland Energy Resources, Australia

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 14: Pyrolysis

Chairs: Alan Burnham, American Shale Oil LLC; Rick Sherritt, PROCOM Consultants Ltd., Australia

14.1 Study of oil shale pyrolysis to simulate in-situ conversion process

Yue Ma, Guili Ma, Shuyuan Li; China University of Petroleum

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
14.2 Pyrolysis of oil shale from the Garden Gulch Member of the Green River Formation

Alan Burnham1, James McConaghy2, Leonard Switzer III1;

1American Shale Oil LLC, 2Antero Engineering LLC

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
14.3 Microwave pyrolysis of Yaojie oil shale

Yonghui Song1, Jianmei She2, Xinzhe Lan1, Wenzhi Shang1, Xicheng Zhao1, Rick Sherritt1, Jimmy Jia3;

1School of Metallurgical Engineering, Xi' an University of Architecture & Technology, China, 2Shenmu Sanjiang Coal Chemical Liability Co., Ltd., China, 3PROCOM Consultants Ltd., Australia

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
14.4 Experimental analysis of multi-scale oil shale pyrolysis

Pankaj Tiwari, Milind Deo; University of Utah

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Session 15: International Updates

Chairs: Pearce Bowman, QER Pty Ltd, Australia; John Fraser, Jordan Energy and Mining, Limited

15.1 Oil shale project progress in Jordan

Chris Morgan, John Fraser; Jordan Energy and Mining Limited, UK

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
15.2 Chinese current oil shale business

Shuyuan Li, Yue Ma, Jialin Qian; China University of Petroleum

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
15.3 Test facilities and first results for the improved solid heat carrier technology (ENEFIT280) for processing different oil shale types

Hermann Sieger1, Christian Binder1, Andreas Orth1, Nikola Anastasijevic1, Indrek Aarna2;

1Outotec GmbH, Germany, 2Eesti Energia AS, Estonia

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
15.4 Jordan's oil shale development: Policy & strategy

Hazim Ramini, National Resources Authority, Jordan

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 16: Modeling

Chairs: Nazish Hoda, ExxonMobil Upstream Res. Co.; Rajesh Pawar, Los Alamos National Laboratory

16.1 Economic and technical analysis of two options for an in situ oil shale retort

Eric Robertson, Michael McKellar, Lee Nelson; Idaho National Laboratory

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
16.2 Numerical simulation of coupled thermal-hydrological-mechanical-chemical processes during in situ conversion and production of shale oil

Rajesh Pawar1, Sharad Kelkar1, Nazish Hoda2;

1Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
16.3 Study of the kinetics and mechanisms of thermal decomposition of Ellajjun oil shale, Jordan

Omar Al-Ayed; Mutah University, Jordan

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
16.4 Mathematical modeling of oil shale pyrolysis

Pankaj Tiwari, Jacob Bauman, Milind Deo; University of Utah

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 17: Socioeconomic Issues Plenary

Chairs: James Spehar, Past president of the Colorado Municipal League; Ken Parsons, Rio Blanco County Commissioner

17.1 The ABC's (and X's) of scouting the future for oil shale development

Jason Hanson, Patty Limerick; University of Colorado at Boulder

Abstract     Paper     Presentation
17.2 Policy implications of local and regional socioeconomic impacts from oil shale development in NW Colorado

Jim Spehar1, Ken Parsons2, Keith Lambert3, Ford Frick4;

1Past President, Colorado Municipal League, 2Rio Blanco County Commis-sioner, 3Mayor of Rifle, 4BBC Research and Consulting

Abstract     Paper     Presentation

Session 18: Poster

Chairs: Names

18.1 The world of oil shale - General and Indian scenario and its cost analysis

Shailee Ghiya, Kuldeep Kharolia; Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, India

Abstract     Paper     Poster

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.3 Characterization and shale oil yield evaluation of Jordanian oil shale

Hani Alnawafleh, Feras Fraige; Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.4 Geology, stratigraphy & geochemical characteristics of potential oil shale and gas shale basins of India and their prognostic resources

Baleshwar Kumar; (Former) National Geophysical Research Institute, India

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.5 Some aspects of and research need for future development of Piceance Basin oil shale

Glenn Miller; Retired, USA

Abstract     Paper     Poster

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.7 Evolution of the Green River Formation, Piceance Creek Basin – Implications for Eocene Lake History, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming

Kati Tanavsuu-Milkeviciene; , J. Frederick Sarg; Colorado School of Mines

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.8 Oil shale seam stratigraphy of the Attarat um Ghudran deposit, Jordan

Hardi Aosaar; Enefit, Estonia

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.9 Fossil insect larvae provide clues for interpretation of the depositional environ¬ment of the Green River Formation

Glenn Mason; Indiana University Southeast

Abstract     Paper     Poster

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.11 Gasification of Jordanian oil shale using nitrogen non-thermal plasma

Malik Al-Amayreh1, Ahmed Al-Salaymeh2, Vojislav Jovicic1, Antonio Delgado1 1FAU Erlangen - Nuernberg, Germany, 2The University of Jordan, Jordan

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.12 Adapting wind energy for shale oil recovery

Jack Bridges, Armin Hassanzadeh; Pyrophase Inc, USA

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.13 Evaluation of transport properties of in-situ processed oil shale

Thang Tran, John McLennan, Milind Deo, Ryan Okerlund; Univ. of Utah

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.14 Microwave processing of oil shale and characterization of shale oil generated by microwave retorting

XiaoLong Li, ChaoHe Fang, DeWen Zheng; RIPED Langfang, China

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.15 Comparison of oil shale kerogen assay methods

Kyle Bake1, Alyssa Charsky1, Michael Herron1, Robert Kleinberg1, Andrew Pomer¬antz1, Pierre Allix2, Alan Burnham3;

1Schlumberger, 2TOTAL S.A., France, 3American Shale Oil LLC

Abstract     Paper     Poster

Abstract     Paper     Poster

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.18 Comparison of various mineral analysis methods for Green River Formation oil shale

Alan Burnham1, Michael Herron2, Susan Herron2, Alyssa Charsky2, Milind Deo3, Robert Krumm3, Prashanth Mandalaparty3, Andre Levchenko4, Pierre Allix5; 1American Shale Oil LLC, 2Schlumberger-Doll Research, 3University of Utah, 4Setaram, 5TOTAL S.A., France

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.19 Oil shale pyrolysis laboratory and technique

Tuong Van Le Doan1, Neil Bostrom1, Robert Kleinberg1, Andrew Pomerantz1, Pierre Allix2, Bernard Corre2, Luc Fusetti2, Alan Burnham3;

1Schlumberger, 2TOTAL S.A., France, 3American Shale Oil LLC

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.20 Detailed analytical data from select segments of a Green River Formation oil shale core

Anita Orendt1, Lauren Birgenheier1, Ronald Pugmire1, Julio Facelli1, Soenke Sei¬fert2, Randall Winans2;

1University of Utah, 2Advanced Photon Source, ANL

Abstract     Paper     Poster

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.22 Review of two photometric methods for estimating shale oil in oil shale

John Dyni; U.S. Geological Survey

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.23 Revamping of a 75t/h pulverized coal fired boiler to a 65t/h oil shale-fired high-low bed CFB boiler

Qing Wang1, Jian Sun1, Shaohua Li1, Yan Zhang1, Wen Yang2;

1Northeast Dianli University, China, 2Jiangxi Jianglian Energy & Environment Co., Ltd, China

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.24 Preliminary assessment of the performance of shale-derived diesel fuel

John Parsons; QER Pty Ltd, Australia

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.25 Pilot plant test data for Combustion Resources' Shale Oil Surface process

Craig Eatough, Robert Jackson, Ambar Ochoa; Combustion Resources, Inc.

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.26 Sulfur dioxide uptake by Jordanian oil shale ash

Mohammad Al-Harahsheh, Marwan Batiha, Leema Makhadmah; Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.27 Removal of sulfur dioxide by Jordanian zeolitic tuff

Marwan Batiha1, Mohammad Al-Harahsheh1, Muhannad Hararah1, Khalid Tarawneh1, Adnan Al-Harahsheh2, Reyad Shawabkeh3;

1Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan, 2Mutah University, Jordan, 3King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.28 Compressive strength of concrete made from mixtures of Portland cement and combusted Piceance Basin oil shale fly ash

Roger Moore; Retired, USA

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.29 Oil shale wastewater treatment using high frequency ultrasound techniques

Zaid Al-Anber, Mohamad Matouq; Al Balqa Applied University, Jordan

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.30 A study of the effects of concentration on the performance of a cyclone separator with oil shale ash

Yang Jingxuan, Sun Guogang, Wang Yang; China University of Petroleum

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.31 Web-based dynamic water resources application for oil shale development

Matthew Minnick, Wendy Zhou; Colorado School of Mines

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.32 Geologic and hydrologic modeling in the Uinta Basin, Utah

Paul Quinn1, Bob Prucha2;

1Ambet, 2Integrated Hydro

Abstract     Paper     Poster
18.33 Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository: Delving into content

Julie Carmen; Colorado School of Mines

Abstract     Paper     Poster

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Session 19: Introduction and Initial Technical Session

Chair: Justin Birdwell, U.S. Geological Survey

19.1 Welcome and introductions

Justin Birdwell, U. S. Geological Survey, USA

Abstract    Paper     Presentation
19.2 Assessments of in-place oil shale resources of the Eocene Green River Formation, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming–a foundation for calculating recoverable resources

Ronald Johnson, Tracy Mercier, U. S. Geological Survey, USA

Abstract    Paper     Presentation
19.3 Issues impacting methodology for quantitative assessments of oil shale

Ronald R. Charpentier, Troy Cook, U. S. Geological Survey, USA

Abstract    Paper     Presentation

Session 19: Technical Session 2

Chairs: Ronald C. Johnson, U.S. Geological Survey

19.4 Geochemical methods and assessment of oil shales

Tim Ruble, Weatherford International, USA

Abstract    Paper     Presentation
19.5 Use of well logging methods in oil shale assessment

Robert Kleinberg, Schlumberger, USA

Abstract    Paper     Presentation

Session 19: Panel Discussion and Summary

Chair: Jeremy Boak, COSTAR, Colorado School of Mines

19.6 Panel Discussion – Additional Issues, Interactions

Justin Birdwell, Ronald Johnson, Tracy Mercier, Ronald R. Charpentier, U. S. Geo¬logical Survey; Tim Ruble, Weatherford International; Robert Kleinberg, Schlum¬berger

Abstract    Paper     Presentation

Author Index

 First Name  Last Name  Session Number
 Indrek Aarna 12.4, 15.3
 Eid Abd-Alrazag 6.1
 Mohammad Abu-Allan 6.1
 Elif Acikalin 12.2
 Malik Al-Amayreh 18.11
 Zaid Al-Anber 18.29
 Omar Al-Ayed 16.3
 Adnan Al-Harahsheh 12.3, 18.27
 Mohammad Al-Harahsheh 12.3, 18.26, 18.27
 Laila Al-Khatib 6.4
 Pierre Allix 2.4, 18.15, 18.18, 18.19
 Hani Alnawafleh 6.4, 18.3
 Ahmed Al-Salaymeh 18.11
 Reyad Al-Shawabkah 12.3
 Khalid Al-Tarawneh 12.3
 Salah Al-ThyabatAlrazag 6.1
 Javier Alvare 6.2
 Mohammad W. Amer 10.3
 Nikola Anastasijevic 15.3
 Hardi Aosaar 18.8
 Sepehr Arbabi 9.3
 Shyam Badu 10.4
 Kyle Bake 18.15
 Marwan Batiha 12.3, 18.26, 18.27
 Jacob Bauman 6.3
 Greg Bell 1.3
 Michael Vanden Berg 5.1
 Ravindra Bhide 6.3
 Christian Binder 15.3
 Justin Birdwell  2.3, 4.1, 4.4, 10.1, 19.1
 Lauren Birgenheier 5.1, 10.2, 18.2
 Jerry Boak 1.1, 2.2, 4.1, 4.2
 Neil Bostrom 18.19
 Pearce Bowman 1.5
 Jack Bridges 9.2
 Jack Bridges 18.12
 Michael E. Brownfield 3.1
 Alan Burnham 2.4, 7.4, 14.2, 18.15, 18.18, 18.19
 Julie Carmen 18.33
 Peter J. Cassidy 10.3
 Alan L. Chaffee 10.3
 Fang Chaohe 18.1
 Ronald R.  Charpentier 19.3
 Alyssa Charsky 18.15, 18.18
 Shuwang Chen 3.3
 Troy Cook 19.3
 Bernard Corre 18.19
 Larry Crump 9.3
 Michael Day 9.4
 Roger Day 7.4
 Wolfgang Deeg 9.3
 Mark Del Pico 11.3
 Antonio Delgado 18.11
 Sunhua Deng 18.17
 Sunhua Deng 18.21
 Milind Deo 6.3, 14.4, 18.13, 18.18
 Tuong Van Le Doan 18.19
 Qingshui Dong 8.2, 18.6
 Mohammad Dweirj 6.4
 John Dyni 5.2, 18.22
 Craig Eatough 18.25
 Julio Facelli 10.2, 10.4, 18.2
 ChaoHe Fang 18.14
 Yi Fei 10.3
 Jufang Feng 4.2, 5.4
 Eric Flodin 7.1
 John Foulkes 7.4
 Feras Fraige 6.4
 Feras Fraige 18.3
 John Fraser 15.1
 Ford Frick 17.2
 Luc Fusetti 18.19
 Jordan Garrett 12.2
 Mengistu Geza 12.2
 Shailee Ghiya 18.1
 Wang Gong 18.16
 John Gordon 6.2
 Sun Guogang 18.29
 Erik Hansen 9.4
 Jason Hanson 17.1
 Muhannad Hararah 12.3, 18.27
 John Hardaway 9.4
 Armin Hassanzadeh 9.2, 18.12
 Kent Hatfield 13.1
 Ian Henderson 13.3
 Michael Herron 2.4, 18.15, 18.18
 Susan Herron 18.18
 Nazish Hoda 16.2
 Holly Hopkins 1.7
 Rikki Hrenko 7.2
 Fei Hu 8.2
 Xiaofeng Hu 8.2
 Suriamin Huang 5.4
 Robert Jackson 18.25
 W. Roy Jackson 10.3
 Pat Janicek 7.3
 Daniel Jarvie 2.1
 Jimmy Jia 14.3
 YAO Jianjun 18.1
 Jang Mi Jin 10.1
 Yang Jingxuan 18.3
 Ronald Johnson 3.1, 19.2
 Vojislav Jovicic 18.11
 Julie Justus 7.1
 Yu Kangsheng 18.16
 Mukund Karanjikar 6.2
 Dave Keighley 5.3, 11.2
 Sharad Kelkar 16.2
 Kuldeep Kharolia 18.1
 Sunghwan Kim 10.1
 Robert Kleinberg 2.4, 18.15, 18.19, 19.5
 James Koffer 7.1
 Sadat Kolonic 3.2
 Robert Krumm 18.18
 Baleshwar Kumar 18.4
 Keith Lambert 17.2
 Xinzhe Lan 14.3
 Dennis Larsen 6.2
 Tuan B Le 12.2
 Andre Levchenko 18.18
 Mitchell Leverette 1.4
 Michael Lewan 4.4, 10.1
 Shuyuan Li 14.1, 15.2, 18.23
 XiaoLong Li 18.14
 Zhang Lidong 18.16
 Patty Limerick 17.1
 Ming Lin 9.3
 Jessica Little 12.1
 Rong Liu 8.2
 Zhaojun Liu 8.2
 Mark Looney 7.1, 11.1
 Guili Ma 14.1
 Yue Ma 14.1, 15.2
 Malka Machlus 2.4
 Leema Makhadmah 18.26
 Prashanth Mandalaparty 18.18
 Marc Marshall 10.3
 Glenn Mason 18.9
 Mohamad Matouq 18.29
 Earl Mattson 9.1, 12.1
 Scott A. Maxwell 4.3
 Douglas McCarty 7.1
 James McConaghy 7.4, 14.2
 Sean McGrady 11.2
 Michael McKellar 16.1
 John McLennan 18.13
 Qingtao Meng 8.2
 Tracey J. Mercier 3.1, 19.2
 William P. Meurer 4.3, 11.3
 Glenn Miller 18.5
 Zhu Mingliang 18.16
 Gregory Minnery 7.1, 11.1
 Matthew Minnick 12.2, 18.31
 Markus Mohr 13.2
 Gregory Monson 9.4
 Roger Moore 18.28
 Chris Morgan 15.1
 Paul Morgan 8.3
 Abdurrahman Murat 8.1
 Kyle Murray 12.2
 Simon Neal 3.2
 Lee Nelson 16.1
 Ambar Ochoa 13.1, 18.25
 Steven Odut 13.2
 Ryan Okerlund 18.13
 Anita Orendt 10.2, 10.4, 18.2
 Andreas Orth 15.3
 Carl Palmer 9.1, 12.1
 Adrian Park 11.2
 Terence E. Parker 1.2
 John Parsons 18.24
 Ken Parsons 17.2
 Rajesh Pawar 16.2
 Ian Pimienta 10.4
 Robert Polzer 11.1
 Andrew Pomerantz 18.15, 18.19
 Sheven Poole 4.2
 Harry Posey 7.3
 Bob Prucha 18.32
 Ronald Pugmire 10.2, 10.4, 18.2
 Jialin Qian 15.2
 Wang Qing 18.16
 Paul Quinn 18.32
 Hazim Ramini 15.4
 Stacy Lynn Reeder 2.4
 Sandra Riley 11.2
 Eric Robertson 16.1
 Laura Romero-Zeron 11.2
 Tim Ruble 19.4
 Sergei Sabanov 3.4
 J. Frederick Sarg 2.2, 5.4
 Soenke Seifert 10.2, 18.2
 Nikita Seleznev 2.4
 Ilker Senguler 8.1, 18.2
 Haiping Shan 3.3
 Wenzhi Shang 14.3
 Li Shaohua 18.16
 Reyad Shawabkeh 18.27
 Jianmei She 14.3
 Rick Sherritt 14.3
 Hermann Sieger 15.3
 Chris Skelt 7.1
 L. Douglas Smoot 13.1
 Richard Snow 11.4
 Yonghui Song 14.3
 Stephen A. Sonnenberg 2.2
 Jim Spehar 17.2
 P Matthew Spiecker 11.3
 Matt Stone 11.3
 Keith Sullivan 11.3
 Jian Sun 18.23
 Pingchang Sun 8.2
 Leonard Switzer III 7.4, 14.2
 William Symington 11.3
 Paul Tanaka 11.3
 Kati Tanavasuu-Milkeviciene 4.2, 5.4, 18.7
 Khalid Tarawneh 18.27
 Richard Terres 3.2
 Michele Thomas 11.3
 Pankaj Tiwari 14.4, 16.4
 Thang Tran 18.13
 Glenn Vawter 1.6
 Badarinadh Vissapragada 2.4
 Hongyan Wang 18.17, 18.21
 Qing Wang 18.23
 Zhijun Wang 18.17, 18.21
 Marcus Wigand 7.1
 Randall Winans 10.2, 18.2
 Zhang Xuan 18.16
 Liping Yan 18.6
 Wang Yang 18.29
 Wen Yang 18.23
 Jesse Yeakel 4.3, 11.3
 Keita Yoshioka 11.1
 Hao Zhang 9.1
 Jian Zhang 3.3
 Yan Zhang 18.23
 Xicheng Zhao 14.3
 DeWen Zheng 18.14
 Wendy Zhou 12.2, 18.31
 Ying Zhu 18.6
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