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30th Annual Oil Shale Symposium
 Monday, October 18, 2010

 Session 1: Welcoming Plenary

Chairs: Steven Castillo, Jeremy Boak, Colorado School of Mines

1.1  Welcome and introductions

Jerry Boak, Co-Chair, 30th Oil Shale Symposium

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
1.2  Welcome to the Colorado School of Mines

Steven Castillo, Provost, Colorado School of Mines

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
1.3  Estonia's Energy plan and the role of oil shale

Juhan Parts, Minister of Economy and Communications, Estonia

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
1.4  Status of the U. S. Bureau of Land Management's program for oil shale

Mitchell Leverette; U. S. Bureau of Land Management

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
1.5  New developments in Chinese oil shale activities

Shuyuan Li, Jianqiu Wang, Jialin Qian; China University of Petroleum

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
1.6  Shale oil development and QER's "Myth Busting" work in Australia

Larry Lukens, John Parsons; QER Pty Ltd

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 Session 2: International Programs

Chairs: Pierre Allix, Total E&P; John Parsons, QER Pty. Ltd.

2.1  Current developments in Australia's rejuvenated shale to liquids industry

John Parsons; QER Pty Ltd.

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
2.2  Israeli Oil Shale - world class resource for in-situ production

Yuval Bartov, Avi Burg; Israel Energy Initiatives

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
2.3  Real progress towards establishing Jordan's oil shale industry

Chris Morgan, John Fraser; Jordan Energy and Mining

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
2.4  Enefit's oil shale development projects in Jordan

Andres Anijalg; Enefit

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
2.5  Morocco's oil shale: new program

Mohammed Bencherifa; ONHYM

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
 Tuesday, October 19, 2010

 Session 3: In Situ Processing

Chairs: Michael Lewan, U.S. Geological Survey; Earl Mattson, Idaho National Laboratory

3.1  Constant pressure retorting of oil shale

Earl Mattson, Carl Palmer; Idaho National Laboratory

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
3.2  Laboratory simulation of in situ oil shale retorting conditions to assess product yield and composition

Justin Birdwell, Michael Lewan; U.S. Geological Survey

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
3.3  The effect of pressure on oil shale thermal treatment

Pankaj Tiwari, Milind Deo; University of Utah

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
3.4  Control of in situ oil production in unconventional resources

Jack Bridges, Armin Hassanzadeh, Richard Snow; PyroPhase Inc

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 4: Surface Processing

Chairs: Andreas Orth, Outotec; Gary Aho, Oil Shale Exploration Company

4.1  The Clean, Shale Oil Surface (C-SOS) pilot plant process

Kent Hatfield, Craig Eatough, Steven Eatough; Combustion Resources

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
4.2  Misting 101: How to maximize shaft retorting yields

Larry Southwick; L. M. Southwick & Associates

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
4.3 Developing an improved solid heat carrier process – ENEFIT280

Andreas Orth, Agnes von Garnier; Outotec

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
4.4  Post-retort upgrading of shale oil by alkali metal-mediated hydrogen treatment

Mukund Karanjikar, Javier Alvare, Dolly Chitta, Dennis Larsen, John Gordon; Ceramatec Inc

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 5: Integrated Assessment

Chairs: Donatella Pasqualini, Los Alamos National Lab.; Joseph Smith, Idaho National Lab

5.1  CLEARuff: An integrated assessment model to evaluate environmental and economic impacts of unconventional fossil fuels

Donatella Pasqualini, Andrea Bassi, Andrew Wolfsberg, Cathy Wilson, Daniel Levitt, Sebastien Dartevelle, Gordon Keating, Richard Middleton; Los Alamos National Laboratory

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
5.2  Simulating impacts of oil shale production and climate change with the WARMF model

Daniel Levitt1, Cathy Wilson1, Richard Middleton1, Andrew Wolfsberg1, Sebastien Dartevelle1, Joel Herr2, Scott Sheeder2, Al-Aziz Eddebbarh1

1Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2Systech Water Resources, Inc

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
5.3  An analysis of basin-scale CO2 emissions management for oil shale development

Gordon Keating, Richard Middleton, Donatella Pasqualini, Rajesh Pawar, Philip Stauffer, Hari Viswanathan, Andrew Wolfsberg; Los Alamos National Laboratory

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
5.4  Using nuclear heat for in-situ processing of unconventional hydrocarbons: A case for the high temperature gas reactor

Anastasia Gandrik, Joseph Smith, Vince Maio, Mike Patterson; Idaho National Laboratory

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 6: Surface Process Modeling

Milind Deo, University of Utah; Rick Sherritt, PROCOM Consultants

6.1  Simulation of a rubblized oil shale surface pyrolysis of process

Jacob Bauman, Milind Deo; University of Utah

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
6.2  Model predictions for the Combustion Resources' surface oil shale process

L. Douglas Smoot, Robert E. Jackson, Ambar M. Ochoa; Combustion Resources, Inc.

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
6.3  Modeling analysis and optimization for an oil shale process

Jimmy Jia1, Rick Sherritt1, Wenzhong Shang2, Shuyuan Li3, Jim Schmidit1, Gwen Chia1

1PROCOM Consultants Ltd, 2Shaanxi Shenmu Coal Chemical Ltd, 3China Petroleum University

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
6.4  Process integration for the retorting of oil shale fines

Rick Sherritt, PROCOM Consultants Ltd.

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 7: In Situ Process Modeling

Chairs: Sepehr Arbabi, Shell Oil Co.; Bill Symington, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.

7.1  Impact of geothermic well temperatures and residence time on the in-situ production of oil and hydrocarbon gases from Green River Formation oil shale

Mark White, Larry Chick, Gary McVay; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
7.2  Simulation model for ground freezing process: Application to Shell's freeze wall containment system

Sepehr Arbabi, Ming Lin, Wolfgang Deeg; Shell Oil Company

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
7.3  Numerical modeling of ExxonMobil's Electrofrac™ field experiment at Colony Mine

Nazish Hoda, Chen Fang, Michael Lin, William Symington, Matthew Stone; ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
7.4  Modeling of mechanical interactions of proppant and hydraulic fractures for in-situ oil shale retorting

Hai Huang, Zhijie Xu, Thomas Wood, Carl Palmer, Earl Mattson; Idaho National Laboratory

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 8: Chemistry

Chairs: James Bunger, JWBA Inc.; Omar Al-Ayed, Al-Balqa Applied University

8.1  Shale oil composition as it relates to production kinetics

James Bunger1, Christopher Russell1, Donald Cogswell1, James Patten2

1JWBA, Inc., 2Red Leaf Resources, Inc.

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
8.2  Second and modified-variable order kinetic models of oil shale and kero-gen pyrolysis

Mohammad Suleiman1, Mohammad Al-Harahsheh2, Omar Al-Ayed3

1Al-Balqa Applied University, 2Middle East University, 3Al-Husein Bin Talal University

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
8.3   Presentation Withdrawn

Abstract Paper Presentation
8.4  Engineering and product overview: Red Leaf Resources EcoShale In-Capsule Process

James Patten; Red Leaf Resources

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 9: Oil Shale Properties

Chairs: Tim Ruble, Weatherford International; Robert Kleinberg, Schlumberger-Doll Research

9.1  Models for thermal transport properties of oil shale

Carl Palmer, Earl Mattson, Hai Huang; Idaho National Laboratory

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
9.2  Differentiating recalcitrant carbon residues in spent oil shale and source rocks

Justin Birdwell1, Tim Ruble2, Christopher Laughrey2, David Roper2, Greg Walker2

1U.S. Geological Survey, 2Weatherford International Ltd

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
9.3  Organic carbon content of the Green River oil shale from nuclear spectroscopy logs

James Grau1, Michael Herron1, Susan Herron1, Robert Kleinberg1, Malka Machlus1, Alan Burnham2, Pierre Allix3

1Schlumberger-Doll Research, 2American Shale Oil, LLC, 3Total Exploration & Production

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
9.4  Oil shale formation evaluation by well log and core measurements

Robert Kleinberg1, Gabriela Leu1, Nikita Seleznev1, Malka Machlus1, James Grau1, Michael Herron1, Roger Day2, Alan Burnham2, Pierre Allix3

1Schlumberger-Doll Research, 2American Shale Oil Co., 3TOTAL Exploration & Production

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 10: Resource Assessment

Chairs: Väino Puura, Tallinn University of Technology; Ron Johnson, U.S. Geological Survey

10.1  Toward an industry-oriented and unified geological nomenclature for oil shale

Väino Puura, Alvar Soesoo, Mare Konsa, Margus Voolma; Tallinn Technical University

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
10.2  Assessment of in-place oil shale resources in the Eocene Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah and Colorado

Ronald Johnson, Tracey Mercier, Michael Brownfield, Jesse Self; U.S. Geological Survey

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
10.3  Research needs for development of Piceance Basin oil shale

Glen Miller

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
10.4  Oil yield potential of oil shale from the Azraq Basin in Jordan

Hazem Al-Ramini, Ula Tobasi; Natural Resources Authority of Jordan

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Wednesday, October 20, 2010

 Session 11: Geology and Biology

Chairs: Kati Tanavsuu-Milkeviciene, Colorado School of Mines; Lauren Birgenheier, University of Utah

11.1  Detailed geologic characterization of the Upper Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah: Implications for potential oil shale development

Lauren Birgenheier1, Michael Vanden Berg2

1 Energy & Geoscience Institute, University of Utah, 2Utah Geological Survey

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
11.2  Rich and lean oil shale deposits, link to climate changes: Piceance Creek Basin, Eocene, Colorado, U.S.A.

Kati Tanavsuu-Milkeviciene, J. Frederick Sarg; Colorado School of Mines

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
11.3  Oil shale distribution and geology in Fushun basin

Rong Liu, Zhaojun Liu, Qingtao Meng, Xiaofeng Hu, Dongqing Liu; Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
11.4  Rare plants on oil shale substrates

Susan Spackman Panjabi; Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Initiative, Fort Collins, CO, United States

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 12: Water Resources

Chairs: Wendy Zhou, Colorado School of Mines; Shaden Musleh, AMEC

12.1  3D Geologic modeling of the Piceance Basin in support of dynamic systems and groundwater modeling for oil shale development

Matthew Minnick, Wendy Zhou; Colorado School of Mines

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
12.2  Building a GIS-based water resource geospatial infrastructure for oil shale development in the Piceance Basin, Colorado

Wendy Zhou1, Matthew Minnick1, Mengistu Geza1, Elif Acikalin1, Kyle Murray2, Tuan Le2

1Colorado School of Mines, 2University of Texas at San Antonio

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
12.3  A risk-based approach to identifying contaminants of greatest concern from in-situ oil shale retorts

Tom Wood, Carl Palmer, Earl Mattson; Idaho National Laboratory

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
12.4  Energy development water needs assessment and water supply alterna-tives analysis

Shaden Musleh, Ben Harding; AMEC

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 13: Carbon Management

Chairs: Adam Brandt, Stanford University; Baleshwar Kumar, National Geophysical Research Institute

13.1  R&D centers and schools for carbon management and sustainable energy future: India’s perspective

Baleshwar Kumar, National Geophysical Research Institute (ret.)

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
13.2  Carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption from oil shale production: A second look

Jeremy Boak, Martin Spann, Matthew Minnick; Colorado School of Mines

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
13.3  Utilizing oil shale in a climate-constrained future: Electricity production with pre-extraction carbon sequestration

Adam Brandt, Hiren Mulchandani; Stanford University

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
13.4  A low CO2 hybrid in-situ oil shale liquid production process

Jacob Bauman, Prashanth Mandalaparty, Pankaj Tiwari, Milind Deo University of Utah, Salt Lake City, United States

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 14: Hydrogeology

Chairs: Jesse Yeakel, ExxonMobil Upstream Res. Co.; Michael Vanden Berg, Utah Geological Survey

14.1  Potentiometric head in brines in the central Piceance Creek Basin

Terry Gulliver1, Erik Hansen2, Lacy Jones1

1Norwest Corp, 2Shell Exploration and Production Company

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
14.2  Northwest Piceance Creek Basin hydrogeology

Michael Day1, Erik Hansen2, Terry Gulliver1, Bill Mckinzie3

1Norwest Corp., 2Shell Exploration & Production Co., 3Shell Exploration & Production Co. (ret.)

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
14.3  Hydrogeology of the Colony Mine Site

Jesse Yeakel1, William Meurer1, William Symington1, Kevin Robinson1, Gary Witt2

1ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, 2Wright Water Engineers Inc.

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
14.4  Saline water disposal into the birds nest aquifer in the Uinta Basin, Utah: Updated research on the implications for oil shale development

Michael Vanden Berg; Utah Geological Survey

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 15: Policy

Chairs: Laura Nelson, Ecoshale, LLC; Robert Behunin, Bingham Entrepreneurial and Energy Res. Ctr.

15.1  Eastern Utah Secure Energy Program and Partnership: A framework for supporting smart oil shale development

Michael Hagood1, Robert Behunin2, Jeremy Boak3

1Idaho National Laboratory, 2Bingham Entrepreneurial and Energy Research Center, 3Colorado School of Mines

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
15.2  Addressing opportunities and challenges for energy development in west-ern basins of the U.S. using a hybrid energy systems approach

Tom Wood1, Robert Breckenridge1, Joseph Smith1, Travis McLing1, Kevin Shurtleff2, Ronald Pugmire3

1Idaho National Laboratory, 2Utah State University, 3University of Utah

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
15.3  How a Properly Structured Carbon Tax could ignite Shale Oil's Future

Stephen Sewalk; University of Denver

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
15.4  Overview: American Petroleum Institute Oil Shale Sub-Committee

Holly Hopkins; American Petroleum Institute

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 16: Utilization of Spent Shale

Chairs: Jaan Habicht, University of Tartu; Justin Birdwell, U.S. Geological Survey

16.1  Estonia’s experience in reusing oil shale ash

Tõnis Meriste; Enefit

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
16.2  Reuse of spent oil shale: A critical review

Jaan Habicht; University of Tartu

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
16.3  Comprehensive utilization of oil shale resources in China

Xuechun Xu, Haifeng Zou, Guimei Gao, Shucai Gan; Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
16.4  A study on the method of extracting chemical products from oil shale ash

Shucai Gan, Baichao An, Haifeng Zou, Xuechun Xu, Guimei Gao; Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Presentation

 Session 17: Wrap-up Plenary: Project Status Updates

Chairs: Alan Burnham, American Oil Shale, LLC; Tom Fowler, Shell Oil Co

17.1  Progress on AMSO’s RD&D pilot test program

Alan Burnham; American Shale Oil

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
17.2  Economic overview: Red Leaf Resources EcoShale In-Capsule Process

Matt Greene; Red Leaf Resources

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
17.3  Oil Shale Exploration Company (OSEC) 2010 update

Gary Aho, Dan Elcan, Oil Shale Exploration Company

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
17.4  Oil shale technology status – First ATP system for FMG completes construction

Gordon Taciuk1, Norbert Patzelt2

1UMATAC Industrial Processes, 2Polysius AG

Abstract   Paper   Presentation
17.5  General Discussion of Symposium Results

Jeremy Boak, Justin Birdwell, Symposium Co-Chairs

Abstract   Paper   Presentation


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

 Session 18: Poster

18.1  Wyssmont® TURBO-DRYER® Pyrolyzer® for ex-situ retorting

Edward Weisselberg, Alexander Flisfeder; Wyssmont Company

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.2  Assessing the role of unconventional fossil fuels in shifting to a low carbon and more resilient economy under a climate policy

Donatella Pasqualini1, Andrea Bassi2

1Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2Millennium Institute

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.3  Spent shale formations: Potential source for CO2 sequestration

Prashanth Mandalaparty, Pankaj Tiwari, Milind Deo; University of Utah

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.4  Wind powered in situ heating: CO2 emissions, water consumption and wind clean fuel

Jack Bridges, Armin Hassanzadeh; PyroPhase, Inc.

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.5  Chemistry and mineralogy of Mae Sot Basin oil shale, Thailand

Jeremy Boak1, Viki Stamatis2, Apiradee Suwannathong3, Chatchawan Gladnaka3

1Colorado School of Mines 2AECOM/UMATAC 3Department of Mineral Fuels

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.6  Recovery of oil shale forming environment in Songliao Basin

Guo Wei, Ma Lin; Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.7  Oil shale characteristics of Danzhou in Hainan Province

Jianwei Zhu, Zhaojun Liu, Yunhui Li, Qingshui Dong, Wei Guo; Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.8  Energy value and economical utilization of the Himmetoglu (Bolu, Turkey) oil shale

Ilker Senguler; General Directorate Mineral Research and Exploration, Turkey

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.9  A preliminary study on energy production by fluidized bed combustion using Jordanian oil shale

Muhanned Hararah, Ahmad Sakhrieh, Mohammad Hamdan; Al-Hussein Bin Talal University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.10  International cooperation on the utilization of Jordanian oil shale as a source of energy

Ahmed Al-Salaymeh1, Mohammad Hamdan3,1, Ali Shawabkeh1, Omar Badan2

1University of Jordan, 2Al-Balqa Applied University, 3Al-Zaytoneh University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.11  ATP technology pilot program for Jordan oil shale

Steven Odut, Gordon Taciuk; UMATAC Industrial Processes
1University of Jordan, 2Al-Zaytoneh University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.12   A new method for utilizing oil shale ash: Preparation of silica nanoparticles

Haifeng Zou, Guimei Gao, Shucai Gan, Xuechun Xu; Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.13  The use of oil shale ash in construction and building materials

Guimei Gao, Haifeng Zou, Xuechun Xu, Shucai Gan; Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.14  Oil shale processing by microwave retorting and analysis of generated shale oil

XiaoLong Li, ChaoHe Fang, HuaQing Xue; Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.15  Development of an oil shale-fired circulating fluidized bed boiler for electricity generation

Qing Wang, Shaohua Li, Jian Sun, Hongpeng Liu, Baizhong Sun, Jingru Bai, Hong Qin; Northeast Dianli University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.16  Numerical simulation of oil shale and shale oil ash mixing and motion in a horizontal rotary kiln

Shaohua Li1, Xuan Zhang1, Lidong Zhang2, Kansheng Yu1, Qing Wang1, Wanjun Hao3

1Northeast Dianli University, 2North China University of Electric Power, 3Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.17  Chemical changes in Huadian oil shale during x-ray irradiation in the presence of water

Xin Ru, Hongyan Wang, Junfeng Li; Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.18  Extraction of hydrocarbons from oil shale using sub-critical water

Sunhua Deng, Zhijun Wang, Hongyan Wang; Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.19  Oil Shale in China

Liu, Zhaojun1; Yang, Hulin2; Dong, Qingshui1; Zhu, Jianwei1; Guo, Wei1; Ye, Songqing1; Liu, Rong1; Meng, Qingtao1; Zhang, Hailong1; Gan, Shucai1

1Jilin University, 2Research Center of Oil and Gas Resources Strategy, Ministry of Land and Resources

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.20  Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository project update

Julie Carmen; Colorado School of Mines

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.21  Hydraulic transportation system for use in hole-bottom of oil shale bore hydromining

Chen Chen, Youhong Sun, Xuewei Feng, Dayong Chen; Jilin University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.22  Analysis of technological possibilities increasing quality of oil shale

Sergei Sabanov; Tallinn Technical University

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.23  Progress towards installation of the Narva Shale Oil Upgrader Plant in Estonia

Alan Goelzer1, Indrek Aarna2

1Jacobs Consultancy, 2Enefit

Abstract   Paper   Poster
18.24  Groundwater computer model for simulating the hydrologic and hydrogeologic system in the Piceance Basin, Colorado

Paul Quinn; Colorado School of Mines

Abstract   Paper   Poster


Last Name First Name Presentations
Aarna Indrek 18.23
Acikalin Elif 12.2
Aho Gary 17.3
Al-Ayed Omar 8.2
Al-Harahsheh Mohammad 8.2
Allix Pierre 9.39.4
Al-Ramini Hazem 10.4
Al-Salaymeh Ahmed 18.10
Alvare Javier 4.4
An Baichao 16.4
Anijalg Andres 2.4
Arbabi Sepehr 7.2
Badan Omar 18.10
Bai Jingru 18.15
Bartov Yuval 2.2
Bassi Andrea 5.118.02
Bauman Jacob 6.113.4
Behunin Robert 15.1
Bencherifa Mohammed 2.5
Birdwell Justin
Birgenheier Lauren 11.1
Boak Jerry
Brandt Adam 13.3
Breckenridge Robert 15.2
Bridges Jack 3.418.04
Brownfield Michael 10.2
Bunger James 8.1
Burg Avi 2.2
Burnham Alan 9.39.417.1
Carmen Julie 18.20
Castillo Steven 1.2
Chen Chen 18.21
Chen Dayong 18.21
Chia Gwen 6.3
Chick Larry 7.1
Chitta Dolly 4.4
Cogswell Donald 8.1
Dartevelle Sebastien 5.15.2
Day Michael 14.2
Day Roger 9.4
Deeg Wolfgang 7.2
Deng Sunhua 18.18
Deo Milind
Dong Qingshui 18.07
Eatough Craig 4.1
Eatough Steven 4.1
Eddebbarh Al-Aziz 5.2
Elcan Dan 17.3
Fang ChaoHe 18.14
Fang Chen 7.3
Feng Xuewei 18.21
Flisfeder Alexander 18.01
Fraser John 2.3
Gan Shucai 16.316.418.1218.13, 18.19
Gandrik Anastasia 5.4
Gao Guimei 16.316.418.1218.13
Geza Mengistu 12.2
Gladnaka Chatchawan 18.05
Goelzer Alan 18.23
Gordon John 4.4
Grau James 9.39.4
Greene Matt 17.2
Gulliver Terry 14.114.2
Guo Wei 18.06, 18.07, 18.19
Habicht Jaan 16.2
Hagood Michael 15.1
Hamdan Mohammad 18.1018.09
Hansen Erik 14.114.2
Hao Wanjun 18.16
Hararah Muhanned 18.09
Harding Ben 12.4
Hassanzadeh Armin 3.418.04
Hatfield Kent 4.1
Herr Joel 5.2
Herron Michael 9.39.4
Herron Susan 9.3
Hoda Nazish 7.3
Hopkins Holly 15.4
Hu Xiaofeng 11.3
Huang Hai 7.4, 9.1
Jackson Robert E. 6.2
Jia Jimmy 6.3
Johnson Ronald 10.2
Jones Lacy 14.1
Karanjikar Mukund 4.4
Keating Gordon 5.1, 5.3
Kleinberg Robert 9.3, 9.4
Konsa Mare 10.1
Kumar Baleshwar 13.1
Larsen Dennis 4.4
Laughrey Christopher 9.2
Le Tuan 12.2
Leu Gabriela 9.4
Leverette Mitchell 1.4
Levitt Daniel 5.1, 5.2
Lewan Michael 3.2
Li Junfeng 18.17
Li Shaohua 18.15, 18.16
Li Shuyuan 1.5, 6.3
Li XiaoLong 18.14
Li Yunhui 18.07
Lin Ma 18.06
Lin Michael 7.3
Lin Ming 7.2
Liu Dongqing 11.3
Liu Hongpeng 18.15
Liu Rong 11.3
Liu Zhaojun 11.3, 18.07, 18.19
Lukens Larry 1.6
Machlus Malka 9.3, 9.4
Maio Vince 5.4
Mandalaparty Prashanth 13.4, 18.03
Mattson Earl 3.1, 7.4, 9.1, 12.3
Mckinzie Bill 14.2
McLing Travis 15.2
McVay Gary 7.1
Meng Qingtao 11.3, 18.19
Mercier Tracey 10.2
Meriste Tõnis 16.1
Meurer William 14.3
Middleton Richard 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
Miller Glen 10.3
Minnick Matthew 12.1, 12.2, 13.2
Morgan Chris 2.3
Mulchandani Hiren 13.3
Murray Kyle 12.2
Musleh Shaden 12.4
Ochoa Ambar M. 6.2
Odut Steven 18.11
Orth Andreas 4.3
Palmer Carl 3.1, 7.4, 9.1, 12.3
Parsons John 1.6, 2.1
Parts Juhan 1.3
Pasqualini Donatella 5.1, 5.3, 18.02
Patten James 8.1, 8.4
Patterson Mike 5.4
Patzelt Norbert 17.4
Pawar Rajesh 5.3
Pugmire Ronald 15.2
Puura Väino 10.1
Qian Jialin 1.5
Qin Hong 18.16
Qingshui Dong 18.19
Quinn Paul 18.24
Robinson Kevin 14.3
Rong Liu 18.19
Roper David 9.2
Ru Xin 18.17
Ruble Tim 9.2
Russell Christopher 8.1
Sabanov Sergei 18.22
Sakhrieh Ahmad 18.09
Sarg J. Frederick 11.2
Schmidit Jim 6.3
Seleznev Nikita 9.4
Self Jesse 10.2
Senguler Ilker 18.08
Sewalk Stephen 15.3
Shang Wenzhong 6.3
Shawabkeh Ali 18.10
Sheeder Scott 5.2
Sherritt Rick 6.3, 6.4
Shurtleff Kevin 15.2
Smith Joseph 5.4, 15.2
Smoot L. Douglas 6.2
Snow Richard 3.4
Soesoo Alvar 10.1
Southwick Larry 4.2
Spackman-Panjabi Susan 11.4
Spann Martin 13.2
Stamatis Viki 18.05
Stauffer Philip 5.3
Stone Matthew 7.3
Suleiman Mohammad 8.2
Sun Baizhong 18.15
Sun Jian 18.15
Sun Youhong 18.21
Suwannathong Apiradee 18.05
Symington William 7.3, 14.3
Taciuk Gordon 17.4, 18.11
Tanavsuu-Milkeviciene Kati 11.2
Tiwari Pankaj 3.3, 13.4, 18.03
Tobasi Ula 10.4
Vanden Berg Michael 11.1, 14.4
Viswanathan Hari 5.3
von Garnier Agnes 4.3
Voolma Margus 10.1
Walker Greg 9.2
Wang Hongyan 18.17, 18.18
Wang Jianqiu 1.5
Wang Qing 18.15, 18.16
Wang Zhijun 18.18
Weisselberg Edward 18.01
White Mark 7.1
Wilson Cathy 5.1, 5.2
Witt Gary 14.3
Wolfsberg Andrew 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
Wood Thomas 7.4, 12.3, 15.2
Xu Xuechun 16.3, 16.4, 18.12, 18.13
Xu Zhijie 7.4
Xue HuaQing 18.14
Yang Hulin 18.19
Ye Songqing 18.19
Yeakel Jesse 14.3
Yu Kansheng 18.16
Zhang Hailong 18.19
Zhang Lidong 18.16
Zhang Xuan 18.16
Zhou Wendy 12.1, 12.2
Zhu Jianwei 18.07, 18.19
Zou Haifeng 16.3, 16.4, 18.12, 18.13
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